Aleah Scheck Howell MI, Obituary: Miss Alaska USA 2005 Passed Away On June 24

Aleah Scheck Howell MI, Obituary: Aleah Scheick Milner, beloved wife of Jared Milner, passed away on Monday, June 24, after a prolonged illness. Her loss is deeply regretted as we announce this sad news. Aleah passed away surrounded by Jared and their three young children, leaving behind a family devastated by her departure.

Aleah, recognized as Miss Alaska USA 2005, demonstrated remarkable bravery throughout her illness, showing resilience and strength until the end. Her passing is a profound loss for her immediate and extended family, as well as for her wide circle of friends who held her dear.

Her departure reminds us of life’s unpredictable nature, urging us to cherish loved ones and express gratitude for those who enrich our lives. The community’s overwhelming love, support, and encouragement have provided solace to Jared and their family during this challenging time.

A Celebration of Life will be held tomorrow in honor of Aleah’s memory, where attendees are encouraged to wear blue, her favorite color, as a tribute to her vibrant spirit and the positive impact she made.

As we mourn Aleah Scheick Milner’s passing, let us hold onto cherished memories of her and continue to offer unwavering support to Jared, their children, and all who were fortunate to know and love her.

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